Sessili Jering was borned and raised in Gothenburg Sweden. She discovered her creative skills in her early years through painting and drawing. In secondary school, while studying art, she began to take an interest in hair by learning hairextensions and braiding techniques. After graduating from her art studies, she went to a private hairdressing school where she acquired her diploma. A few years after, in search of new influences, Sessili decided to move to Berlin and travel through USA. The impressions she got from traveling inspired her to do what she was passionate about, freelance hairstyling.

Sessili is strongly influenced by nature, different historical eras and native cultures. She loves to create a look that pushes an image forward and complement its goals.

After staying in Lisbon for several months, Sessili is today located in Gothenburg. In addition to the freelance styling, she has also been creating educationcourses for other hairdressers, as well as running her own hair salon. 

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